Laudate Sacred Art designed the renovation for Saint John the Baptist Church, Peabody, Massachusetts, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021. The design included a complete plan for the interior color and decorative work. The design for the sanctuary included moving the Blessed Sacrament from a side aisle back to the center of the sanctuary to give greater centrality to the Eucharist, and construction of a striking new reredos with original paintings of the Trinity, Sts. Peter and Paul, Christ and the Apostles and Emmaus, and Adoring Angels. A new marble floor design also gave the sanctuary greater prominence and light,

Original paintings by Laudate Sacred Art adorn the new reredos.

When the tabernacle doors are open, adoring angels encourage silent prayer. The paintings were done in traditional egg tempera on panel surrounded with 23 K gold leaf.

Saints Peter and Paul are portrayed in the side panels with their traditional iconographic symbols and colors. Their gazes are fixed on the Crucifixion depicted in 19th century sanctuary murals, which were restored as part of the renovation.

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