1. It takes a noisy machine to clean it.

If you are kneeling in silent communion with Our Lord and Savior, miraculously present in the Blessed Sacrament, what do you do when the maintanence worker comes in with the vacuum?  You flee, faster than the apostles.Man vacuuming

2.Carpet wears out easily and is not a permanent material.

It does not adequately signify the eternal truths of our faith.

worn out carpet

3.The solid wall-to-wall nature of carpeting is without scale (see our upcoming blog entry What is Scale, Anyway?) impersonal.

Its industrial vastness and monotony has no human division of space.


 4.Also, where there is wall-to-wall carpeting, there is stuffiness.

We want to avoid that in our churches.  We would like fresher air.

5. Are any carpets OK in a church?

Precious carpets, strategically placed, may be acceptable on the altar, as modelled here by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis & a persian rug

Posted by Karen D’Anselmi, October 2016

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